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Welcome, friend! We can tell you already that you have made the right choice of place to stay during your sojourn in Lagos, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. We're so excited to have you with us!


16/16 is a dual concept boutique residence and creative incubator space that finds itself in the center of a burgeoning creative and artistic renaissance. Our primary goal is to make sure that you have a pleasant stay with us, but also make sure that you interact with the best of the city’s contemporary art and culture offerings. 

Our 8th floor space is a private gathering space and showroom that features numerous trinkets, plants and objects that we have curated and made over our history. Guests are invited to use the space as their own, keeping in mind that we do not allow crowds of above 6 people in this space at a time. Thai Thai, our in-house restaurant on the 2nd floor offers pared-back, authentic Thai cuisine with the freshest locally grown and sourced ingredients in a verdant atmosphere.

Whether you are in town for work or play, we are here to help you get the most out of your experience. 16/16 is centrally located, so you're only a stone's throw away from the best the city has to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything! 

  --The Team at 16/16.


Once you arrive, please make your way to Flat 16 on the 8th floor, where you would be given your keys and shown to your room.

Check in from 2pm, and checkout is at 12pm.  

Please note that you will be charged N10,000 if you lose your room keys. 

The residence has complimentary unlimited WiFi available to all  of our guests. 
2nd floor
Pad Thai Guesthouse 

8th floor
16 by 16 rooms (synchronicity222)
We offer a reliable airport shuttle service for 40USD per trip. Just let us know your flight details 48 hours in advance and you're all set!
Thai Thai 

Thai Thai is a little kitchen, serving fresh thai food cooked with love by our chef who comes straight from Bangkok. You can order at the 16/16 bar, or make a reservation to dine on the 2nd floor.

 0909 117 2906

Nok By Alara
NOK by Alara is a contemporary African restaurant, nestled within a lush bamboo-framed garden, NOK is an intimate dining space displaying contemporary Art and Design from the all over the continent. 
0908 561 4815
Authentic Italian oven-made pizza, with a relaxed environment and a great ambiance.  They offer a wide range of pizza, and serve other dishes as well, from suya to slices of different delicious cakes. 
0810 680 0744
El Padrino 
 Open Monday-Saturday, this cute little Mexican pop up kitchen serves up delicious fusion Mexican treats. Uzo, the bomb-ass owner and the breakfast burritos are our favorite items on the menu! 
0816 231 5581
Toasties x Biscuitebone 
 Toasties serves up simple sandwiches with complex flavors. Their chicken, goat cheese and fig jam toastie is our current fav but you should be a little adventurous and try the shaki (beef tripe) toastie- trust us, it's worth it. 



Lunch con Benedict 
 Lunch con Benedict is the pasta delivery outfit of star Chef Benedict, a stalwart of Lagos' Italian food scene. His Italian upbringing mixed with his Nigerian-borne passion for sourcing the best meats, you cannot go wrong with a delivery of freshly cooked home-made pasta. Give 'em a call! 
Freedom Park Lagos  
Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos. 
Terra Kulture 
 Terra Kulture is an educational and recreational organization that promotes the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture. It also has a restaurant in the main building. 
Lekki Conservation 
Lekki conservation serves as a biodiversity conservation icon and environment education center. There's a boulevard of coconut trees which leads to a well laid out car and Visitors Park. It is endowed with an abundance of plant and animal life. Its huge tract of wetlands is set aside for wildlife viewing.
African Artist Foundation (AAF)
African Artists’ Foundation serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity.
Nothing To Do In Lagos 
To catch most or all of Lagos’ happenings, check out the following amazing blogs that highlight its cultural zeitgeist: NTDIL and Fomo Lagos
The Treehouse Lagos 
Located in the top flat of a seven-story building in Lagos, Nigeria and founded by artist Wura-Natasha Ogunji, The Treehouse supports creative experimentation, artistic investigation and the asking of radical and open questions. With views of creek and lagoon, prison and polo fields, it provides a perfect platform for thinking about how spaces, architecture, and community influence and inform how we move, feel, and imagine the world.
The Centre for Contemporary Art 
The Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA, Lagos)-owned by Nigeria's most well known curator, Bisi Silva, is an independent non-profit making visual art organization set up in December 2007 to provide a platform for the development, presentation, and discussion of contemporary visual art and culture. 


Welcome, dear artist! We are so excited to have you here and in our community. We look forward to connecting you to the very best of Lagos' art landscape. Most of the information we've mentioned on this website should be a great starting point to guide you.


Outside of that, here's some more technical information: 

- 16/16's artist-in-residence room is located on the 8th floor and is adjoining the main entrance. This space is perfect for an open door policy when you feel like it so that people can interact with you. Nigeria is a very social place and everything involves some iteration of community and of gathering. 


- Please note that the restroom attached to your room is a shared facility and it becomes open to the public at around 11:30 AM. Therefore, shower timings would be from 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM. 


- Depending on your practice, supplies can be found everywhere or nowhere at all. General art supplies can be found at Art World.

For anything else, Lagos is your oyster. Local markets are replete with everything from general household items or bizarre treasures. Balogun, Lekki Art, Tejuosho, Gorodome and many more markets are all waiting for you. 

If there are any other materials that you may need, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in the space to give you specific markets tailored to your needs.



Conserve Energy 


You Make The Difference. 


Save Our Planet 


At 16/16, we try to do our part in taking care of our environment and we also implore our guests to take part in whatever way they can.


As part of our goal to be a green and eco-friendly space, we kindly ask that you switch off all air conditioners, water heaters, and lights when you are not in the room. 


We encourage guests to save their plastic and glass disposables. You can give them to any of our staff to be recycled.



To conserve water, we only launder bedding and towels after 2 days, However, if you require fresh bedding or towels at any point in time, speak to any member of our staff and we will have that arranges. 


Everyday, millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once. 

  • A towel hanging up means "I will use again." 

  • A towel on the floor means "Please exchange with a fresh one." 


For more information on our efforts on recycling, do not hesitate to speak to us.






Guests are responsible for the safety of all their belongings. 16/16 will not be liable for any lost or stolen items 

How to Program your safe.

  1. Your safe should be already open when you get to your room. If it is still locked, please contact the community assistant. 

  2. Look for the RED reset button on the left side of the door of the safe. Please note that this button is on the inside of the safe and will be visible when the safe is open. 

  3. Press the RED reset button to enter your new PIN.

  4. Close the safe, enter your new PIN and press the ENTER button on the keypad.

  5. Lock the safe by moving the handle (which should already be on the right) left. 

  6. Test your new PIN and try to open the safe again.

  7. Put your valuables in the safe and make sure to lock the safe before leaving your room. 


Manager: 08188325714

Emergency Contacts 


0702 561 4995